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Services available from F-Robinson Pallets - Pallets Manufactured and Reparied. Used Pallets for Sale

As well as supplying a complete range of standard pallets we also manufacture to customers' own specifications.

All timber is held in stock to ensure a quick response to market demands.

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These are available in a full range of sizes and specifications to meet most requirements exstock

All pallets are rigorously examined and repaired to their original specification using quality timber and supergrip ring shank nails.

Reconditioning can result in cost savings of over 50 percent.

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'New Life' Pallets

With the services available from F. Robinson Pallets, a pallet can now be dismantled into it's original components and the irreparable pieces discarded.

A 'new life' pallet can then be made to client specification from the reclaimed timber, once again resulting in substantial savings.

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Clearance service

F. Robinson Pallets can clear your damaged or surplus pallets, pallet collars and any pallets of value to us are purchased.

Where volumes are very high, a pallet repair service can be provided contact us for further details.

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