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Whatever your new pallet requirements F.Robinson Pallets can help.

With over twenty-five years experience we are able to offer, where appropriate, alternative designs that may perform more cost effectively.

We produce our new pallets on site, offering a bespoke service, concentrating on attention to detail and your budget requirements.

Give us a call, we can help.

Four Way Entry

F.Robinson Pallets hold vast stocks of carefully graded used pallets of varying sizes, types and designs on site, so s hould you require standard 1200 x 1000mm 4 way or Stamped euro 1200 x 800mm or any other style or type, we can help. We will do everything we can to help you obtain the best pallets at the right price.

We keep a constant check on the quality and grade of our pallets to ensure we have the best pallets to suit all budgets.

We supply from 10 - 10,000 pallets on individual or regular orders.

Two Way Entry Euro

The more common styles of pallet are shown below, it is useful to refer to the diagrams when discussing your requirement with us.

Two way entry
Two way entry
close boarded, no base board
Two way entry
wing type
Two way entry - Reversable
Two way entry - Close Boarded, No Base Board
Two way entry - Wing Type
Four way entry
close boarded, 3 base
1200 x 800 EURO
Four way entry
perimeter base
Four way entry
wing type
Four way entry
close boarded, perimeter base
Four way entry
open boarded, 3 base
Four Way Entry - Wing Base
Four Way Entry - Close Boarded, Perimeter Base
Four Way Entry - Open Boarded, 3 Base
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